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By actively fostering inclusivity and equity  our clients are better equipped to face the new challenges of the 21st Century and reap the benefits of integrating progress as a key driver for growth.


Our playgroup recently followed the theme “Children around the World” for a term. I really wanted this to be a positive and respectful experience for our multicultural group, but was uncertain how to approach it.

I reached out to Marie and she was full of great ideas. The advice she offered was tailored to our group, accounting for the fact that was small and with minimal funding, but was also completely honest and prioritised being respectful and not trivialising or indulging in tokenism. She also helped me find ways to engage families from a variety of cultures and to assess the appropriateness of written resources.

I am a professional, working with families from all over the world, but I still have so so much to learn. I was very grateful to be able to access knowledgeable, personalised advice which not only facilitated an excellent learning experience for our playgroup kids, but also expanded my thinking and helped me learn and grow!”

Miranda Potter,

Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife

Playgroup Facilitator

“Marie’s education has benefited our local community, wider community and my personal life greatly. She has a way of educating that is factual, emotional and easy for everyone to understand. She’s been responsible for many lightbulb moments.

Her education has changed my actions and language to avoid as much harm as I can. She’s taught me as great deal about intersectionality and that has opened my eyes greatly. One of the really important things that Marie’s words have helped me with is talking to my children about racism. I no longer feel unsure if how little or how much to tell them. Thank you, Marie.”

Laura Bailey,

Small Business Owner

“I co-presented a babywearing basics education session with Marie at the Wear All the Babies Conference 2017, in Brisbane. She was informative, practical and fun, and very effective. I also attended her session “Timeless: The Traditional Practice of Babywearing”. Her session was well prepared, structured and considered. She is an experienced and talented public speaker who engages with her audience. Highly recommended.”

Deborah Feldman,

Senior Peer Educator for Carry Australia Inc.


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