Our approach

enCulture is a consulting firm focusing on Inclusion and Equity, catering to a broad range of clients from community members to stakeholders, in various industries, including the resources and energy sectors.Our strategy is about providing education and strategic advice to all the participants in our society to promote social inclusion and equitable relationships for a progressive and sustainable outcome. 

Education is our key approach For that reason:

  • We constantly educate ourselves with up-to-date information on Inclusion and Equity, from academia, NGOs and individuals’ lived experiences;
  • We provide you with relevant, tailored and up-to-date information and solutions on Inclusion and Equity;
  • We collaborate with Subject Matter Experts from Academia and the civil society, including community leaders;
  • We tailor our training programs to specific audiences and issues, from front staff to senior executives and C-Suite.

We offer a range of services with strong impacts on:

  • Dismantling power and privilege
  • Inclusive & sustainable growth
  • Stakeholders relations
  • Risk management
  • Workplace health & Talents retention
  • Service delivery
  • Public relations

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