enCulture is a partnership building synergies from multiple sets of skills, perspectives, backgrounds and networks from around the world. 

Marie Barrere-Collet | Partner Consultant

Marie is a founding partner of enCulture and wears three hats:

Social Inclusion Specialist

Inclusive Marketing Advisor

Power & Privilege Educator

Marie has extensive experience in the community sector, focused on Community Development and Advocacy. She has worked as an Advocate for international students, holding the office of National Executive Member for VET & ELICOS. Marie has also worked as a youth mentor, then later as a Youth Project Officer, assisting young people from refugee backgrounds  From there, Marie became a Cultural Training Coordinator and a Diversity Educator, focusing on race, ethnicity and culture.

She has held over the past 8 years many executives positions in NFP organisations, including peak bodies in the education and the babywearing industry, focusing on the needs of People of Colour and Indigenous Peoples. She has been the Project Manager of several of artistic projects with social inclusion goals, including Star Search (through Metropolitan Migrant Resources Center Inc.) and Project One Heart (through Australian Babywearing Collective).

She’s also a respected international blogger on the issues of Power & Privilege, inclusion, equity, and intersectionality, actively talking about decolonisation.

She brings her passion for inclusion and equity that make enCulture what it is.

Besides enCulture, Marie is also currently a Law & Politics  student at the University of Western Australia, and is working on her first academic publication, titled: Crime rates among ethnic minorities: an investigation on the effect of systemic and institutional racial bias on police crime records.

Marie speaks and writes fluently in Mauritian Creole, French, English and Hindi. And is a keen learner of Spanish and Mandarin!

Laurent Barrere | Partner Consultant

Laurent is the other founding partner of enCulture, and also wears three hats at the firm:

Resources Specialist

Inclusive Growth Advisor

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Laurent has extensive experience in the resources sector, as geologist and Company Managing Director for the last ten years. He has published several academic articles relating to the resources industry in collaboration with some of the best in the fields of strategy and resources. Laurent also presented on “New generation iron ore – 2006-2016, Strategic insights far beyond the Pilbara” at the AusImm Iron Ore 2017 conference. Laurent holds a Master’s Degree in Geosciences from the University of Nantes, in France, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia. He is also a co-author of the book on Strategy “The MBA Mindset”.

Laurent developed an acute understanding of the tactics and strategies of sales and marketing while working in the renewable energy sector as a Sales & Marketing consultant. He realised that the flexibility of renewable energies is pivotal to the success in implementing sustainable growth, at home and abroad.  

Like Marie, Laurent is a native French speaker, an asset for Australian-African Trades and Investments partnerships.

enCulture also works with expert collaborators whenever necessary. They all have their own expertise, background and network to the benefit of our clients worldwide. That diversity and complementarity allow us to solve any problem with the right tools and the right approach to maximise our impact.

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